A new way to tell a story

Take your friends, fans and followers along to the web sites you love (or hate). Help them explore interesting content. Explain why it matters to you.

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The web is a big place

Help your audience explore it

Surftrain is a crowd-browsing tool that lets you take your friends, fans and followers along to content on the web that matters to you, while explaining what’s so cool, interesting or special about it.

You can use Surftrain to take your fans on an online shopping spree. Or guide people through your portfolio. Or walk them through this week’s news headlines.

For your audience, it’s like having you as a guide, right there with them, while they can sit back and relax.

You take them between the pieces of content you need to make your point or tell your story. They won’t need to follow any links or pointers – Surftrain will take them where you want to go to automatically, in their own browser.

Add voice or text commentary to connect the dots, put things in context, and share your perspective. It’s a completely new experience – hosted by you!

How does it work?


Pick out sites from around the web that you want to talk about, be it popular destinations or things that are really obscure. You're the storyteller, you're the expert.


Combine these sites into a story while adding your own thoughts and comments through text or voice commentary. Explain to your audience what's so interesting about that news article, or why you totally disagree with that album review.


Once you’re all done you can post it to your blog, on your website, on Facebook, or at any other place where you usually express yourself. Or, simply let people find it on


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